Richard Nelson

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Richard Nelson is a cultural anthropologist, writer, radio producer, and audio recordist.  His books include Make Prayers to the Raven, Hunters of the Northern Ice, Shadow of the Hunter, Heart and Blood: Living with Deer in America, and The Island Within.  He received the John Burroughs Award for nature writing and the Lannan Literary Award for creative nonfiction, and he served as the Writer Laureate of Alaska.  For ten years, Richard wrote and narrated Encounters, a public radio program about the natural world, recorded live in the wild, broadcast in Alaska and around the country.  Today his work focuses on recording natural sounds in Alaska and Australia; and he assists in the production of videos and other media materials about Alaska’s salmon, fisheries, and fishing traditions.  Richard is passionate about nature and the outdoors, and he is deeply committed to the preservation of Alaska’s native cultures and natural heritage. /