Workshops: Week 1 > July 22-28

Workshops: Week 2 > July 29-august 4

Field Excursions

Sitka Sound WildLife Quest:

Sitka Sound is home to the greatest variety of wildlife in Southeast Alaska from sea otters to whales, sea lions, porpoises, harbor seals, brown bears, blacktail deer, puffins, bald eagles and more! Scattered with over 200 islands, Sitka Sound is full of history and culture as well as wildlife. View the geology of the islands, scout for humpback whales, and laugh at the antics of a sea otter. Dress warmly and bring a rainproof jacket to wear on the observation deck. Binoculars, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are provided on this 2 hour tour of the waters and islands of Sitka Sound. Captained by Allen Marine Tours of Alaska, a multi-year winner of Shore Excursion of the Year, the waterjet-driven tour vessel is designed to navigate Southeast Alaska’s narrow island passages, allowing for wildlife viewing at close range. The vessel features a warm cabin with comfortable seating, large windows, galley and restrooms.  There is an expansive topside observation deck for unparalleled photo opportunities and to fully experience your quest with all your senses.

Experienced Naturalist, Mary Boose has a deep understanding and enthusiasm for the wildlife and people who call the land and waters around Sitka home. Sharing both natural history and local lore, Mary will guide guests on an adventure packed with species identification, creature anecdotes, and stories of the people who have carved a life out of this wild place. Mary holds a degree in education and an M.E. in Science Education and also works for the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. She loves sharing the richness of Sitka with passengers. 



Sitka is nestled within the 17 million acre Tongass National Forest, the nation's largest forest and also the world's largest temperate coastal rainforest. Home to towering spruce, cedar, and hemlock trees, coastal brown bears, blacktail deer, and countless rivers and streams providing the spawning grounds for millions of salmon. Hike the Indian River trail to experience local ecosystems first hand in the company of local conservationists from the Sitka Conservation Society.  The trail follows Indian River through 75-150 year old second growth and old growth temperate rainforest and passes by a muskeg (bog) with breathtaking views of the 3 sisters mountains. Learn about the salmon life cycle and the nutrient cycling from ocean to forest as you view salmon fighting their way up river. Identify plants and tree species, listen for the call of the varied thrush, keep an eye out for evidence of old hand logging in the valley, and discuss ecological sustainability and land management.




Sitka Conservation Society has been working to protect the temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska and Sitka’s quality of life since 1967. SCS works to protect and manage the Tongass National Forest in a way that the world will be inspired by with the goals of both protecting the coastal temperate rainforest and developing economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable communities in Southeast Alaska. 


Sheldon Jackson Museum:

If there were a museum for museums, the Sheldon Jackson Museum would be part of the collection. As the oldest museum in Alaska, it is located in the first concrete building in the state which was constructed in 1895.  The Museum's collection has been called a jewel in the crown of Alaska ethnographic collections. The core of the collection comes from the Rev. Dr. Sheldon Jackson, a Presbyterian missionary who served as General Agent for Education in Alaska in the 1890s. He made annual trips to Alaska, traveling extensively throughout the region and collected nearly 5,000 items during his travels. While others were also collecting in Alaska and sending their items to noted museums, universities and societies around the world, Dr. Jackson was the only one who collected pieces for an Alaskan museum. 

The Museum's collection is noted for its breadth. Among its best-known pieces are totems, masks, baskets, and traditional clothing distinguished by beautiful ornamentation and fine sewing. The full-size kayaks are visitor favorites. Explore the fine collection of argillite carvings – the sculptures carved in the softly glowing black rock unique to the Queen Charlotte Islands of the Pacific coast. The small size of the Museum and its unusual octagonal structure create an intimate setting that invites visitors to take their time looking at the exhibits. Many of the smaller artifacts, from jewelry to traditional toys, are stored in glass-covered drawers, allowing visitors an unusually close view of dozens of items. Other cases hold traditional clothing and larger artifacts. Several totem poles are on exhibit.

3-Excursion Package: $155 + tax







The Uncommon Music Festival: Musicians in residence

july 29-august 4


The Uncommon Music Festival is dedicated to breaking the boundaries of standard concert repertoire with performances of early music, contemporary music, and under-performed repertoire from any age, bringing together young artists and curious audiences in an intimate setting. The Festival will present a series of solo and chamber concerts and opportunities to meet and talk with the artists. In keeping with their dedication to new music, the Festival is thrilled to present work by the winner of their composition competition, as well as a new commission by Alaskan composer Conrad Winslow. More information about the Festival can be found at www.uncommonmusicfest.org.


The Little Mermaid: Artists in Residence

 July 22-28


The Sitka Fine Arts Camp serves hundreds of Alaska's and the country's most talented young musicians, dancers, actors, writers, and visual artists. Each summer these students converge on the campus for intense instruction with some of the nation's best teaching artists. Our pre-professional musical theater program draws high school and college students from around the country to create and perform a full-scale broadway musical with live pit orchestra, professional costuming and splendid sets. Pre-professional artists are engaged as actors, vocalists, dancers, musicians in the pit orchestra, costumers, and technicians for sound, lights, and video production.