Audrey Armstrong

Audrey Armstrong was born in Galena, Alaska, and grew up in Huslia and Nulato, Alaska. These three villages had a significant impact on how she grew up and learned the importance of Culture. She studied at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is a lifetime Sequoyah member of the American Indian Science & Engineering Society. She first learned the art of fish skin sewing on her own in 2002, and then took Fran Reed’s one and only class in 2008. Audrey was honored to be asked to carry on the tradition, and has taught a class in Reed’s memory at Kasitna Bay every year. Along with working with fish, Audrey is also an accomplished bead worker and skin sewer. In 2006, Audrey received the BP/YWCA Women of Achievement Award. In 2007 she received the President’s Awards from the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention. Audrey truly loves to share her talents with anyone who wants to learn. As an elder, she feels this art form is an important gift that we are blessed to have and that it is not ours to keep. Anaa Basee!