about THe festival

JULY 28 - AUGUST 2, 2019

The arts and sciences come together where human expression and understanding meet. Immerse yourself in an intensive workshop in the mornings and experience our wilderness and town through guided excursions in the afternoons. Be inspired and provoked by nightly concerts and  lectures.

Perched at the edge of a wilderness, nestled in one of the most exquisite and vibrant small communities in the world, the Sitka Arts & Science Festival explores what it means to be human against the immensity of forest, ocean, and mountains in Sitka, Alaska.

We describe our experience of the world in myriad ways— through story, song, dance, music, painting, 

sculpture in the arts; through mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, natural history in the sciences.

These artistic and scientific forms of expression use creativity, observation, and experimentation to help us tell one another about what we see and know and feel. 

This is what lies at the heart of the Sitka Arts and Science Festival. lt offers opportunities for reflection and engagement that reawaken our sense of ourselves in relationship to the world around us and refresh our thinking about how to live our lives.

Join us. Reclaim your capacity for wonder and imagination.